The Modpack is the most versatile portable power charger in a saturated power bank market. The device is compatible with almost all smartphones.

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Getting to know Modpack

Modpack is the ultimate lifestyle companion. charge your smartphone and clip in and out your modules to customize your experience with the features you want.


  • The Modpack holds 5600mAh of charge and has two connection points, Bluetooth and micro USB. Offering three times the charge of the typical smartphone - approximately 20 hours of extra battery life.
Easy to carry around

Given how lightweight it is, carrying the Modpack during your day can not only provide that peace of mind that you won’t run out of charge, but also means you have up to six modules at your reach if you need them.


Any modules you get for your Modcase can also be clicked straight into the Modpack, giving you access to the functions on either device.


The Moduware Modcase is a smartphone case that allows up to 3 different modules to be clicked into your phone. This gives you the ability to have 3 completely different functions running at the same time.


Hot swappable modules allows you to customize your smartphone capabilities on the go. Whether it’s hiking or working in the office, your smartphone will always have the right set up.

Perfect fit
  • Protective case with extra power and custom design for iPhone and Samsung models.
Cross platform

Any modules you get for your Modpack can also be clicked straight into the Modcase, giving you access to the functions on either device.


There are currently 12 modules available, and this is just the beginning! Our modules range from health and fitness, with lifestyle uses like cosmetics and social interactivity, all the way through to advanced industrial technologies.

Upcoming modules

Our team is working around the clock to bring new and interesting modules out of the development stage and into your pockets so that all of those little problems in your life can be solved.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Developed by Dorony

Carbon Monoxide is something that often escapes our senses, but not this module. Measure the CO level with this state of the art Figaro gas sensors

Temperature, Humidity, and Altitude

Developed by Radcon

For the adventurer, this 3 in one module provides accurate readings of ambient temperature, humidity, and altitude.

Laser Distance

Developed by Mileseey

Using tiny optics and a high-quality laser pointer, plugging this in and your phone instantly replaces expensive distance measuring devices. The tile also allows you to calculate area and volume through a simple wizard interface.

2nd SIM card

Developed by Qutiger

Always stay connected to home with a second sim card module. Crossing borders, back packing across Europe, or jet setting around the globe has never been easier. Plug in both the local sim and keep your home sim working with your smartphone simultaneously!

Infrared Remote

Developed by Radcon

Always trying to figure out which remote is for what appliances? Those days are over with the universal IR control module from nexpaq. Just plug this in and control your TV, AC, projector, DVD player all from your smartphone.