THE 2018 Maker Faire New York was a great experience for Moduware as a company and for all the of the team who attended. The atmosphere from New York Science Park was incredible with a myriad of makers coming from all different walks of life and industry.




We were taken aback by the large crowd and enthusiastic nature of the attendees who showed real interest in both the our product and platform. People from ages 4 all the way to 104 were walking past and engaging with the Modpack which was awesome to see.

We were excited to showcase one of our main focuses being STEM learning. Through our Makers/developers program and development kits we are trying to grow interest and provide support for young individuals and teams embarking on hardware projects.


We were lucky enough to meet 17 year old Wesley from Teen Hacks New York. Wesley is one the organisers and after explaining his story and all the work and effort he has put into creating a Hackathon aimed at high school students statewide, we are now working with his team to support Teen Hackathons providing modpacks and dev kits for his workshops. 

With many of the adults who visited our booth being from an education background as well, it was great to introduce our ideas around hardware learning to them and have continued those conversations since with the vision of adapting our program to their curriculum.

Given the level of enthusiasm from the 16 to 20 year old age bracket, we’re engaging with a renewed focus on STEM, by offering a ‘STEM Pack’ that includes one of our developer modules with an Arduino based programming environment. Stay tuned for the release of STEM Pack.


With lots of great conversations ideas and people, there is no doubt we will be back in the future with more cool innovations to show the maker community!