Expand your smartphone's capabilities with our range of plug and play smart devices.

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What is Moduware?

Moduware's goal is to make technology accessible and convenient. That’s why we are turning all of your favourite devices into small modules. Moduware wants to help you get rid of hardware mess and disconnectivity and bring it all together in one place!


Moduware's technology allows any device to be turned into a module. All modules slide onto the back of our Power Bank for easy access.

Moduware app

Navigate our user friendly app with ease as modules appear and disappear from the screen in real time as you slide them in or out.

Extra power

With up to 20 hours of charge for your smartphone, we are making power anxiety a thing of the past.

Cross platform

Moduware provides a single standard that guarantees cross-platform compatibility between iOS and Android.

Moduware in action

Looking forward, Moduware’s future is about simplifying your every day by making useful technologies that fit in your pocket. We aim to Reduce material waste by harnessing the power of the smartphone and the power of swappable modules. We are also opening up our platform so that everybody's ideas can be brought to life by developing with us.

As our range of modules grow, customise your module selection for different scenarios. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, or starting a DIY home project, Modpack has all the tools you need.

The Frequent Flyer

  • Speaker (available)

  • USB Storage (available)

  • Laser pointer (coming soon)

  • Hotspot (coming soon)

The adventurer

  • Speaker (available)

  • Temperature and Humidity (available)

  • LED light (available)

  • Satellite Comms (coming soon)

DIY Home Improvement

  • Speaker (available)

  • LED light (available)

  • Laser Distance(coming soon)

  • Laser Pointer(coming soon)

A true platform for developers

Moduware lets software and hardware makers create innovative new modules and software tiles, powered by our open platform. Our developer hub allows collaboration between developers and groups creating and an endless array of opportunities.

If you are interested in developing on our platform, click the link below to find all supporting documents to guide your development journey.


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Our Partners

Same Capital
Maxim Integrated
Krypto Labs
Monash University
University of Melbourne

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