Today, individuals and small hardware development companies are limited to prototyping and struggle to bring their creations to market. It is an industry-wide fallacy that only larger companies have the required budget to commercialize a hardware product.

Our mission

Moduware’s mission is to empower individuals and small developers to create commercial products destined to reach the market. It does this through reducing complexity, reusing parts and resources, and building a community that helps each other achieven our goals.

The Hub

Using smartphone as a central hub for modular hardware pieces

Built for teams

Cutting the hardware fat that comes with consumer products: screens, buttons, batteries, audio.


Providing ready to use and modification templates for every step of the development process


Mass production and logistics with Moduware’s selected partners


Modules and tiles can be sold at our online shop to our growing customer base.


Same hardware and same code for all Moduware supported platforms

Moduware Architecture

The platform is designed to open doors for both hardware and software developers. Hardware developers can focus on building their technology into our standardised casing whilst software developers work on building the tiles that control each module.


Every module is standardized, and connects to a gateway device (eg. a Modpack)


Module functionality is accessed by Tiles on a smartphone.


The Moduware application manages tiles and the communication to modules.

The Application encodes the tile commands and passes them to the Gateway

The Gateway decodes the received commands and passes them to the Module

The Module collects data from sensors and passes it to the Gateway

The Gateway encodes the data and passes it to the Application

The Application decodes the data and pass it to the Tile

Hardware for Makers, Software for Developers.

Pick your direction.

The beauty about the platform, you as a developer can pick and choose which parts of the ecosystem you do, and the community works together to bring the best of both worlds.

Build the module only

Allowing others to build Tile applications and integrate them into the wider software ecosystem

Build tiles for existing modules

Let others make the modules whilst you create software tiles that harness the power of the hardware

Build both!

Use your skills to create a fully functioning system on our platform

Module Development

Step by Step Tutorials

Module Development Kit

Going to mass-production

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Tile Development

Step by Step Tutorials

Tile Developer Kit

Publish in repository

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