10 modular designs taking over the world

September 5, 2017 in Design, Lifestyle, Modularity

Here at Moduware we’re big fans of all things modular. Modular products are by virtue scalable, flexible, and economical, particularly in terms of economics and environmental footprint in regard to reducing the need for replacing entire products when all but one module are functioning. Intrinsic to the modular aesthetic is a nexus between standardization and customization. This is a concept that extends to the design of technology, architecture, toys and fashion. Here’s some of our favourite examples: * Modular computers The… Continue reading »

Why modular design makes easy work of outdoor adventures

August 30, 2017 in Design, IoT, Lifestyle, Modularity

 It stands to reason that people involved in outdoor pursuits such as camping and hiking want their equipment to be versatile and multifunctional. Most outdoor equipment needs to be compact and easily transportable. Items that serve more than one purpose are preferable to single use items in terms of portability and sustainability. Outdoor wear has long adopted this ethos with items such as modular gloves and trousers popular to wear. Advances in design (including the materials goods are made from) and technology simultaneously result in interesting ways to maximise outdoor potential. Moduware is involved in a number interesting modules targeting the outdoor enthusiast. Here’s some other designs that have captured our imagination.

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