Everything we do at Moduware is built around thinking differently and challenging the status quo. We believe that by supporting the inventive minds of our society, we can really have a positive impact on people’s lives. That is why we have developed a platform for developers, hobbyist and creators to launch their ideas into a tech scene that they once might have thought was too hard to get into and dominated by bigger players. We are giving the power back to the individual empowering the maker economy and diversifying the entire system.  


Our open platform is an ecosystem with hardware, software and app developers coming together to produce quality products while we support and supply companies throughout the process. A strong maker community is one of our core goals and we are invested in making sure this comes to fruition. Our team helps in the development, manufacturing, distribution and profitability of your creation because we understand that not everyone can be an expert in all business departments.

Our ecosystem has already lead to the production of our Speaker modules, Laser distance pointer and a walkie talkie RHF radio and we are continually meeting people, young and old, with amazing ideas and inviting them into the community. A Moduware device is the perfect platform for this development as it is versatile and easy to use, without limiting your possibilities.

Because our modules are pre-certified and miniaturized you can easily take the schematics for our modules and incorporate them into your design. E.g Manufacturing a smoke alarm already? You can make it a connected smoke alarm with Co2 sensors, as well as temperature, humidity and more, all without needing to go through the headache of sourcing, testing and certification.

The Moduware SDK and developer tools allow developers to leverage our existing app, sensors, devices, connectivity and secure cloud – dramatically reducing the time and effort required to build software stack to power their new products.

This ecosystem is always growing and a massive part of the success of our company.